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Things that do not matter

The number of likes you get on Instagram. The number of likes or reactions you get on Facebook. The number of retweets or favorites you get on Twitter. The number of snaps you get on Snapchat. The number of followers you get on Tumblr. The number of [blank] you get on [random social media tool/engine/WMD] … Continue reading

the work of a week

monday There is a great debate that has been raging for years: does the week start on a Sunday or a Monday?

Just another day

Not every day needs to be epic.

Trapped in a pattern

Over the last few days, I have been reading. Reading old emails and exchanges, years old text messages from numbers now lost to the dark corners of mind (and most certainly deleted out of the perfect recall of my contact list!), and there are some conclusions that can be drawn from all that truth, all … Continue reading

Bits and pieces

There are parts of me that are broken That will never be fixed Pieces of me which have been shattered


Loving you is breathing sunlight

It’s not about you

The past few days have been a hell of a roller coaster…and you know what? I hate roller coasters.

Be wary the optimist

Never trust an optimist. You see, a cynic will simply fail to take action. A realist will only do as much as they think will have real impact. But an optimist has tied his identity to the positive, in being right, and will be willing to commit terrible acts to make it so. The only … Continue reading

Questions on fear

You will not bully me into an atheism when you suffer an unhappy agnosticism. Continue reading

Castles in the sky

It has been said that neurotics build castles in the sky, while psychotics live in them, and psychiatrists collect the rent. — Thomas Lewis, A General Theory of Love  

Raison d’etre

"Raw," she said. "I want something primal. I want something bare and naked. I want you to give me this life raw, unbidden, unhidden, free, fair, and true. Can you do that? Can you do that for me?"

One may only try.

June 2018
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