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A pot boiling over

I have a temper.  Advertisements

Her hand on my neck

I struggled the other night. Tossed and turned in my bed, fluffed my pillows, kicked at my blankets as they wrapped around my feet. I could not find a restful space; I could not stop the traffic in my brain. Like a fussy baby, I was unable to soothe myself, and all I wanted, needed … Continue reading

May he rest in peace

Suicide is nothing short of robbery. Grand larceny. Theft! Theft, the theft, the stealing of something priceless, irreplaceable; an object that cannot be replaced. The theft of a person. The stealing of a human soul. The early end where so much more was to be had, to be found, to be given To be lived.


This is the thing she could not do for me: be unafraid. We could talk about the weather.

personal mythmaking

The act of creating a personal myth is a careful recipe: one part hutzpah two parts suspension of disbelief many parts alcohol, bonhomie, and charm (the mirepoix of myth!) half-part right time half-part right place And then you transcend this human plane.

Walking along the sidewalks

This weekend, I took an early morning walk with a friend. We traversed streets and avenues, deep in conversation about “serious things” of which there is often little active public forum in which to discuss. Our bodies, our heads, were bowed towards each other, intent upon the speaking and the listening, aware of even the … Continue reading

A repose

Recently, as I think it’s rather evident to most everyone, I have been meditating on the themes of fear and happiness, of intimacy, both erotic and non, family, faith, friends, and how those things coalesce (a most beautiful word that describes a most beautiful, alchemic thing) to form our lives. And what are our lives? … Continue reading

Carry on

I must believe that I, and many people smarter and more learned and older (and hopefully wiser!), are wrong, too, that civilization is not in mass decline, the American / Western hollow-ism is more histrionics and fiction than fact, and that we can still connect to other people, form communities, give and receive love, and … Continue reading

The inevitable finish

The most difficult idea for me to believe is that an ending, an ending to a relationship, is not inevitable.

Being vulnerable

I just watched this TED Talk about “The Power of Vulnerability” and it struck a chord — it dawned on me: I suck at it!

Raison d’etre

"Raw," she said. "I want something primal. I want something bare and naked. I want you to give me this life raw, unbidden, unhidden, free, fair, and true. Can you do that? Can you do that for me?"

One may only try.

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