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Modern Love: Suitability

There is a term we use in my business: suitability. Suitability is a determination of whether a specific trade was aligned with the risk profile, strategy, and investment needs of a client.

Suitability. Such a clean term; such a difficult thing to prove as yea or nay. 

Dating is much like that, did you know? We look at people and we ask and consider things like:

  • Pretty enough
  • Tall enough
  • Smart enough
  • Right education
  • Right hobbies and interests

But we are trying to determine is suitability. Sexual suitability. Emotional suitability. Dating suitability. Marriage suitability.

Is this person suitable for me – am I suitable for them?

We hope so. We reach out on dating sites, we say hello in bars, we dance up next to someone in clubs, we get sweaty palms at weddings when we meet the singles, we try and try and hope and hope and wish and struggle and pray—

We look for suitable.

We want to plan for suitable, but we stumble into it. We can only prove well after the fact. And even then, especially then…


One never knows.


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In it but not of it. A reformed player, now watcher. Speaker of raw truths.


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