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A little walkabout

I like to walk.

It is not something that I will admit to anyone that I meet. In fact, I will often say things like:  

+  If it’s more than two blocks, I’ll drive
+  No, really, you can’t pay me to walk five blocks
+  There is a reason I pay this car lease, you know this, yes?

Obnoxious, yes, I know, but sometimes I do mean them. I really did get that car to drive it!

But, the secret truth is that I like walking – love it, in fact – just not when it is for a purpose.

I like the aimless meander, up and down the rolling hills of my neighborhoods, the melting snow and the icy slick divots of uneven sidewalks. I like seeing kids outside on a Sunday afternoon, free from homework and free from stress, playing and loud and boisterous – they’re high-pitched voices echoing along the empty canyons of empty roads.

Each step I take releases a string wrapped around my chest. I feel the noose of the week’s blows and woes loosen; I can breathe again, deep and clean. It makes me feel young as my knees ache with the exertion of stepping through miles; it makes me feel free because my phone is off, my watch is left on my table at home, and there is no one and no thing that needs me more than I need this.

So, walking, I love it – I love my walkabouts – I love seeing my neighborhood through different eyes – I love the casual reclamation of my humanity.

But it is just for me. I am selfish that way.

(Obnoxious, yes, I know, but it’s true)


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In it but not of it. A reformed player, now watcher. Speaker of raw truths.


4 thoughts on “A little walkabout

  1. peaceful steps!
    walking meditation 🙂

    Posted by smilecalm | 25 January 2015, 2215 EDT
  2. I looooove walking. Mine is so much though that it annoys others. I would give up my car to be back to the freedom of walking. I’ve owned two cars and my first I only drove on weekends and days I had major plans. My recent vehicle I have grown quite dependent on, which I don’t like so well. Walking, like biking is for me, is a beautiful thing that does in fact give me the opportunity to take my time and see/experience all of life, within each step.

    Very well written post. Thanks for the share.

    Posted by jusRhae | 26 January 2015, 1538 EDT
    • It is weird – walking with other people? Not at all interested. But by myself, it’s this incredibly peaceful, meditative activity for me. The other night I went on a midnight stroll through my neighborhood with just a dusting of snow – perfect.

      Posted by Quinn | 1 February 2015, 1551 EDT
      • I have a couple ppl in my life who are content with silent walks. We walk with each to feed off each others positive energies. We sometimes walk with our own individual music playing in our ears, other times its just in complete silence, and other times it is to talk. We are communicative about the walks before they happen, just to know what Spiritual space we are in. Yet, yes I love walking…in general.

        Posted by jusRhae | 1 February 2015, 1700 EDT

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