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Movie Review: “Stuck in Love”

I’m not generally a big fan of movies and television. I’m not against it, no, and this is not a jeremiad about how the talkie box is sucking our brains out, ruining our attention spans, and all-over a subversive attempt by The Man to anesthetize humanity-at-large (not to say any of that is completely untrue either) but occasionally, a flick or two rises out the pack for me and I’m compelled to talk about it.

Stuck in Love” just hit me in the solar plexus.

I wouldn’t call this a great film and the plot isn’t so much clever or new, but it is relevant. So many people are getting divorced today and families are being torn apart by it, individual lives are getting damaged. We have this great fight between “the romantics” and “the realists”. The ease of exploring sexuality, in more ways than one, has also upped the stakes. And in this Age of Rationalism, in this Age of the “I”, it is far too simple, at least on the surface, to break bonds, to look out for oneself most of all, and to justify it as the best decision.

This movie doesn’t take the easy way out on those issues. Relationships are messy but they ground us, they drive us, they fuel us, and they can hurt us more than anything. It doesn’t matter if you’re a teenager and it’s your first love or if you’re “old” (or at least where the world likes to think you’re old). We will always be wrapped up in this desire, this need, to connect, to attach, even when we don’t want to, even when we think we’ve transcended that pesky, pedestrian desire. We can’t. It’s in our nature to “get stuck”.

With all the recent and not so recent events in my life, this film touched me. I found myself, for the first time ever, cheering aloud for a character; I was moved by a particular scene that seemed quaint, even minor, but it was the real turning point of the movie; and while I disbelieved the pat-ness of the ending, I liked it all the same.

So, if you have a few free minutes and a Netflix account, watching “Stuck in Love” is not a bad way to pass that time. I can’t say you’ll love it or even find it as interesting as I did, but–

Why don’t you go “get stuck” for a bit? Won’t hurt; I promise.


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