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10 years from now, I’ll be 40 years old. And between then and now, there is quite a bit I have to get done. At least 40 things that immediately come to mind…

An acquaintance of mine has a 30 under 30 list and he recently posted his progress. He’s a great guy: high energy, intense, funny, engaging–the works! I can’t help but think, in fact, I am thoroughly convinced that it’s related to how he lives his life: he’s eating it alive, every single day. He has goals and he is willing to put the work into it.

I used to be that person, alive and vibrant and thoroughly focused on my million-and-one projects (pun intended), and I got sidetracked somewhere along the way. I became something of a ghost.

So, over this year end, decided it was time I got some life back into me. I created my 40 under 40 list and I’ve already started checking things off. I’m not going to post it in its entirety because that’s not the point of this sharing, but I will give a few snippets and throughout the rest of this year, and beyond, maybe give some updates and some context around specific ones. This is not just a list of items to check off; it is a conversation, part of my life story, that needs both time and space, and will take time and space, to unfold.

Why rush it?

So, a few things, some very short-term and some a bit longer:

1. Complete my 40 under 40 list – done! (I did say very short-term, didn’t I? Always helps to get something done right out the gate)
3. Visit at least 2 new countries per year (headed to Ireland in February, want to make it to Iceland in the winter, and do one more also during the winter)
4. Visit at least 40 countries (5 down and many more to go)
6. Learn a language (will be starting Danish classes at the end of this month)
13. Join a non-profit board (I’ve always given my money; I want to give my time)
14. Get First Aid / CPR / AED certification (who knows when World War Z will hit?)
29. Work in a foreign country (this Danish isn’t just for show!)
35. Hike to the highest peak in New York State, Mt. Marcy (cool view?)
38. Engage in a daily spiritual practice (necessary for balance)

This list is not perfect nor is it easy but the truth is that the moment I’d completed it, writing it down and really taking the measure of it, I felt amazing. I felt a breath of fresh air: there is so much to do in this world and there is more than enough time!

I felt like I could add another 40 things, easily, and I would still have more time to do more.

Item #40 is a big one and I’m going to keep it close to my vest, close to my heart where it belongs. Maybe one day, if it happens, if I can will it into being, I’ll share.

Either way, I would ask for two things: 1) Wish me luck! and 2) Do you own list, #3030, #4040, #100100 — sky’s the limit and there is nothing more than we human beings like to do than reach for the stars.

So reach.


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In it but not of it. A reformed player, now watcher. Speaker of raw truths.


One thought on “#4040

  1. I’m reaching and am going to start a list. Not certain how to do as yet, but I know it will come to me. I’ve done them in the past. And have been very thankful and blessed, for some could certainly not have been reached alone.

    Posted by jusRhae | 4 January 2014, 1623 EDT

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