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Stop Being Okay With Being Alone

We are all so very lonely, did you know that? In a world where we are now, thanks to social media, so “together”, we have found a way to be disconnected, separated, held apart—alone.

There are so many people in so much pain, the pain that is emotional and can’t be fixed by a drug or by a book or by a job. It is the pain that comes from feeling that there is no one in whom you can confide your secrets and your fears and your disquieting thoughts. It is the pain that comes from the constant wonder, and worry, that you are unloved and unlovable, and that you are a failure and that your best simply isn’t good enough. It is the pain that comes from living your life as if the world is a market, and you are just another commodity to be measured, to be bought, and to be sold.

I am not surprised that the last ten years have brought an uptick in self-harm, eating disorders, persistent depression, anxiety disorders, risk-taking behaviors, and breakdowns. We are breaking down, all of us, we are being broken by a world that has been reshaped by the logisticians, the rationalists, the economists, the marketers, and the capitalists. We are being broken by a world that is no longer a place for humanity.

So, do me a favor today, even if it feels odd (it probably will) and seems valueless (in a market-driven economy, it probably is): hug a friend. Thank your bus driver for his service. Step aside and let someone pass in front of you to get to the door. Touch a colleague on the shoulder. Laugh at yourself when you trip. Text a friend and tell them to have a great day (just that, no more, no less). Better yet, call them.

Make eye contact and smile at a stranger.

Make the world a little less lonely. You may do nothing more than give someone just a touch, a little dash, of warmth that they didn’t even know they needed; you may even save someone’s life.

Even if it’s just for a moment, stop being okay with being alone. (Because we all deserve more).


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In it but not of it. A reformed player, now watcher. Speaker of raw truths.


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