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Modern Love: Biochemically Yours

While we are not just chemicals and elements, skin and bones, of just the physical (we are more), they do matter. I find the discussion of love from the viewpoint of a scientist as illuminating as it is grounding. It’s something we can glance away from, as if to turn the microscope’s lens to this mystical, magical thing for which we move mountains and burn down forest, cities, ships, and lives somehow denigrates or degrades it.

I fully disbelieve that sentiment. Science can be a harsh and cruel taskmaster, but science and love? It lifts love up, it enhances and gives another level of depth to this wonderful thing that we surely cannot live without, and most certainly want in all its many varietals.

“Love, and its absence, fundamentally alters the biochemicals in which your body is steeped… Love is life-giving.” – Barbara Fredrickson in The science of love, Aeon Magazine, 15 March 2013

Additional Reading
A General Theory of Love, Lannon, Richard; Lewis, Thomas; Amini, Fari


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