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Modern Love: eKismet

kis + met (n). destiny; fate
e + kis + met (n). destiny or fate via electronic means

Have you heard about the latest way to meet the one meant for you? That’s right, eKismet – this is the ticket, come one, come all, step up for the ride of your life, just $19.99 a month and we guarantee that you’ll get exactly what you wish.

Feels a bit like a carnival game, doesn’t it? This showman, this barker roaring at you that the online world will help you find “the one” and magically, somehow, this one will be the “right” height and weight, have the skin color and eye color of your “preference”, read the “right” books, watch the “right” movies, and after you tally up all of these things, it will just work.

What hogwash. What hubris. What disappointment. You would have a better chance at an actual carnival, at beating the house at its own rigged games and winning the largest giraffe on the shelf, than this working.

For love, you see, is a bit more complicated than ones and zeroes.

I love technology, I do, but I’m wary of it’s touted ability to solve all ills, to cure all that ails, and to conquer that area of life where even angels fear to tread.

For love is not a logic problem, did you know that? It is not an algorithm to be mapped and solved. It does not follow the current of the seas, the rhythms of the winds, or the rules of physics. It is a bit more complicated than that; kismet is a bit more complicated than that.

Let’s give kismet a little more respect, yes?


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